Affective Advisors has worked with the leading names in the world of private equity, portfolio companies, finance, law, industry and academia and reflected by the feedback shown below.

Here we highlight a small selection of clients that we have supported.

Private Equity and Portfolio Companies

"Thank you for your session on emotions and decision-making. In particular, I really appreciated how you tailored segments of it to our organisation based on the employee survey and the timeliness of it given the extraordinary and testing circumstances of the crisis. I myself found it very helpful to contextualise my own decision-making process and hope to apply some of the learnings. Likewise, the broader feedback from my team has also been overwhelmingly positive across functions and seniority levels."

Managing Partner, EMEA

"Trang is excellent at her work. She is articulate, thorough, relatable, has keen judgment and cares a ton. Trang plainly "gets it" and gets results."

Senior Partner, Global Head

"I worked with Trang at a time when I was transitioning to a leadership role in my business following the departure of its long-term leader and founder. Her experience and strong intuition quickly allowed her to identify what I would need to change to be successful in my new role. Through clever questions and interesting exercises she pushed me to accept and understand these behavioural changes. Nine months on I feel I have made one of the biggest developmental leaps of my career. Working with Trang was challenging at times but it was also enjoyable as she has a warm personality and good sense of humour. I will definitely work further with her again in the future."

Managing Director

"I worked with Trang over a 12-month period to help me learn how to adapt to a new firm culture and help build a vision for a new team and mission. Her help has been invaluable in both understanding how to better manage my own time and focus, as well as understanding how to bring out the best of those around me. Her own background of being a professional in a similar industry, combined with her impressive academic credentials, means she really gets in and can help with extremely practical and insightful challenges and analysis."

Managing Director, Global Head

"I found my coaching engagement with Trang hugely beneficial and insightful. Trang was able to very quickly identify my strengths and weaknesses as a manager and leader. In particular, we worked on my areas of weakness that might derail my potential as a manager and, therefore, what might negatively impact my ambitions within the firm. Trang did not just identify and discuss these areas but gave me the toolkit to work on these areas and how to evolve to become a better manager. Trang has a warm and cordial personality. That, combined with her ability to translate the “theory” into practice through both demonstrated and worked examples, made the concepts easier to understand and put into practice. Trang’s experiences working within the financial services sector allow her to understand and empathise with the day-to-day issues that arise quickly. Overall, I would highly recommend Trang to anyone looking to understand their abilities better and improve as a manager and a leader."

Managing Director

"I worked with Trang over a 12 month period during a transition of my firm from the owner manager to myself. During this time I was also preparing the business for sale (to PE). Trang worked with me to help my thinking in how to approach these two (sometimes competing) challenges. She really helped me clarify in my own mind what the key priorities were and how to ensure that my natural characteristics and behaviours were optimised in the various situations I found myself in during this period.

She was challenging, yet supportive and after my sessions with Trang I always felt reenergised and ready to turn my ideas and long 'to do' list into focused, prioritised actions. She also gathered very detailed 360 feedback and utilised this output to help me understand my own leadership style, but more critically, my potential.

Trang had pragmatic approach, and really understood the challenges a business like mine was facing as it evolved from owner manager to PE backed. But most importantly, I really enjoyed working with Trang. Our sessions and time together were always extremely productive, but also fun."

CEO, Portfolio Company

"Thank you for your support this year. Your enthusiasm and passion clearly shows in your work and in the results."

CEO, Portfolio Company

"When leading an organisation, we generally consider ourselves to be all-rounders; adaptable, focused individuals and open to change. Yet we know there is room for improvement! In early 2022 I was introduced to Trang, a leadership advisor. Working together, Trang provided challenge, insight, and opportunity to reflect on leadership, decision-making and development of talent to drive improved performance. Through this work, and by refining my approach, generated greater trust and engagement across our entire leadership, that cascades down through our teams. Trang created an inquisitive and reflective environment, and I remain grateful for this interaction, along with the continued support. I would highly recommend engaging, as we can all improve!"

UK Managing Director, Portfolio Company

"Trang was able to accurately pick the areas I needed to focus on to increase my personal and professional effectiveness. She was able to tailor her input to my personal situation which I found very helpful. She contributed to a step-change in my level of awareness and impact. She is thoughtful, a good listener, aware, and direct. I would recommend her highly."


"Working with Trang was very beneficial because she combines state-of-the-art cross-disciplinary academic research with her own senior leadership experience from investment banking. Through that, she understands the reality of what working in a fast-paced investing organisation is like and can ask the right questions and challenge your existing thinking and behaviour."


"I would recommend engaging a leadership coach to any one moving into an expanded managerial role under a new ownership structure. I found Trang’s approach and insight on a wide range of areas to be very valuable. Trang’s ability to get the most out of every session is incredible, even the sessions where I hadn’t come fully prepared – Trang was able to guide the conversation into really useful areas within minutes."


"I found the time I spent working with Trang to be extraordinarily valuable. We met several times for two hours each time over an intense transitional and growth period in my career, and I intend to pursue routine check-in sessions with Trang for the long-term.

Trang provided excellent frameworks and incisive insights on topics ranging from my approach to leadership, to my presentational style, to my communication with internal and external stakeholders, and beyond – we went both broad and deep. The sessions resonated so significantly, that on days when we met, my wife and I would find our dinner conversation at least partially taken up with my sharing of some new piece I had gleaned from Trang.

I had previously thought of myself as reasonably introspective, and I try to be in-touch with what makes me tick, but Trang took my understanding of my own motives and drives to the next level – there were a number of “aha” moments while working with her. I recommend her enthusiastically to any others interested in this line of development."


"Working with Trang was invaluable in enabling me to understand career-derailing blind spots. She has helped me to identify the needs of my team and how my style has impacted my ability to build followership. I’ve realized how others view certain behaviors – and was often surprised by what was viewed negatively, but thanks to Trang’s help I was able to comprehend why. As a result of our sessions, I have been able to build up a toolkit that helps me to notice early on potentially derailing emotions / situations and help deal with them in a productive manner. The skillset learnt will be critical to my progress in my role over time."


"I wanted to thank you again for these sessions over the past half year. I’ve found them to be very helpful and a way to take a step back from day-to-day task execution to think about my longer-term career and objectives. I enjoyed these sessions and loved your instruction and listening as we shared our thoughts and insecurities."

Vice President

Law Firms

"I worked with Trang following my retirement from my firm after many years as a partner. She had just the right balance of helping me figure out new goals which resonated with me but at the same time allowing me to realise I could take some time. She is insightful and challenging in the best way. She understands the legal industry and financial institutions so we could speak the same language. Perhaps most importantly, it was just a lot of fun to talk to her."

Managing Partner, Magic Circle Law Firm

"Trang is a fantastic coach and I feel privileged to have worked with her. Given her very senior banking experience, she really understands the environment we operate in and the challenges we face. She is very supportive and empathetic, but also probing. Trang really challenged me to address and confront my development needs, but also to recognise and believe in my strengths. She equipped me with practical tools that I can use in preparation for difficult situations but also day to day, and I feel far more confident and empowered as a result. The difference in my confidence is clear, and has been commented on by a number of colleagues. It has also been reflected in my business results, which is testament to Trang's work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Trang as an executive coach and have benefitted greatly from her intuitive and strategic advice and support."

Partner, Magic Circle Law Firm

"I found working with Trang enjoyable and valuable. In addition to her experience and dispassionate analytical skills, Trang is great at asking the difficult questions, holding one to account and pushing one to excel as well as bringing in her scientific study of neuro and behaviour science which creates very profound insights."

Partner, Magic Circle Law Firm

"I thought Trang was an excellent coach and found my coaching with her very useful and effective. Coaching has encouraged me to empower myself more than usual. I think coaching is exceptionally valuable, as partners need to see how they are evolving and it is great to be able to share ongoing issues with one constant person. I now find it easier to give my input or views on how things should be done, and coaching has empowered me with the confidence to do so. I contribute to discussion more now than I used to, and I do it in a more effective way."

Partner, Magic Circle Law Firm

"Trang has an excellent manner. She really challenged us to analyse and discuss our issues so as to come up with solutions. She was also prepared to share her views, which I appreciated. She has contagious energy levels, is patient and excellent at bringing all of us into the session and re-focusing on the client relationship, as well as picking up on and discussing practical routes to improve and navigate."

Partner, Magic Circle Law Firm

“I thought our sessions were very useful, especially for a younger partner. Still, all of us could benefit from coaching as it allows you to have a different perspective and allows you the opportunity to reflect on how you react to certain situations. Trang was great at getting to the core of things and letting me make the connections by myself but also interjecting where necessary to guide the discussions. She also understands the clients, given her experience and background. I would highly recommend her as a coach to others.”

Partner, Magic Circle Law Firm

“I found out last week that I have been promoted! Again, a huge thank you for all your help this year; I've made some real improvements under your tutelage.”

Counsel, US International Law Firm

“Through my work with Trang I have developed greater emotional awareness, making me better equipped to deal with the pressures of ‘Biglaw’. By coaching me through the theoretical framework within which my specific negative thoughts and feelings of anxiety were operating, Trang has given me the understanding and tools to unpick problematic thought patterns and re-interpret physiological responses as they arise. Trang is the ultimate professional and will challenge you to achieve real results. I’m very grateful to Trang – my job is more enjoyable, my confidence has grown and I can now see a long career ahead of me.”

Counsel, US International Law Firm

Financial Firms

I really appreciated your honesty and integrity. You pushed me to make me improve. You did not tell me what I wanted to hear but instead you looked to unlock all my issues to make me a better leader. The sessions were thought provoking, well constructed and had a clear goal. Throughout the sessions, I saw progress in the way I was able to understand the issues and other people. I am now a lot more sensitive to behaviour and I can manage more effectively and lead. This is a journey I would recommend anyone to take. It will make any manager better equipped to be successful and, more importantly, their team will be better and happier."
Managing Director
"Trang’s input and insights proved to be invaluable to me, helping me build on my strengths and overcome some of my weak points. Her insight was always astute and accurate and her skill as a coach meant she was able to hone in immediately on where the bigger issues lay when I would relate day-to-day incidents with her. Her intimate understanding of a banking environment, with its unique personalities and politics, meant she was able to relate easily to the context in which I operate and consequently, she was able to offer me pragmatic suggestions and solutions which worked. The sessions weren’t always comfortable as Trang challenged me and pushed me but they were always productive and very worthwhile. I feel she has given me the tools to take my career to the next level. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Anyone would be enormously privileged to have access to her wisdom and input."
Managing Director
"The coaching sessions with Trang enable me to take my emotional intelligence and leadership presence to the next level. From day one, Trang challenged me to deepen self awareness and approach challenges from varied perspectives. Trang effectively probes in a supportive way which enables clients to stretch boundaries throughout each stage of the process. I have increased my capacity to influence and obtain genuine buy in from stakeholders by working with her."
Managing Director
"Thank you for your help this year. I very much enjoy our time together and appreciate the fact you challenge some of my traditional thoughts and daily practices. The changes and practices that we have discussed are evident in some of my relationships and interactions on a daily basis."
Managing Director
“Trang’s insight was always astute and accurate. Her skill meant she could hone in immediately on where the bigger issues lay…and her intimate understanding of a banking environment, with its unique personalities and politics, meant she could relate easily to the context in which I operate.”
Managing Director

"I initially didn’t understand the need for an executive coach, but after spending just an hour chatting with Trang, I recognised where I could improve myself and my behaviour. Quite often, going through particular life examples, the conclusions we would arrive at would be quite logical and simple. However, even though they are visible and you might have known them already, it is very important to discuss those points and reflect on them actually to be able to action them later. Trang helped me immensely to recognise quite a number of obvious flaws that, even though small, could have held back my career progress.

I am extremely grateful to Trang for the time spent together as she has the ability to understand not just what will make you successful in business, but what will help you to grow as a person in general. It was important to hear a voice that came without any spin that I could trust and bounce some ideas off with complete openness. Trang is very professional, has content expertise, emotional intelligence, a willingness to connect and extreme honesty in assessment. I wish her a great success and highly recommend to everyone!"

Managing Director
"Trang was very well spoken with relevant experience to the audience. It was good to take academic concepts and make them applicable to workplace and life. There was a great balance of presented content and interactive discussion. Trang was effective in getting people to speak-up, including more introverted personalities, like me, in a big group."
COO Hedge Fund


"Thank you once again for your support – which has had a much greater impact on my career than I had ever envisioned. Moreover, it’s helped me to better balance my personal life and allocation of my energies. To be promoted within 10 months of our first meeting is testament to the impact of your coaching; I thoroughly enjoyed every meeting and the challenge you provided."

C-Level, Group Executive Committee

"I found working with Trang to be extremely beneficial both professionally and personally while at the same time very enjoyable. What really came across strongly in our coaching sessions was her insight and experience of dealing with the challenges I was facing which meant I was very confident in the strategies developed to overcome them. I couldn't recommend her highly enough as a coach."

C-Level Executive

"I thought the team building workshop went really well and the team got a lot out of it. We have made good progress since. We finished the away day on a high and that enthusiasm and energy was really evident when we were back in the office. In summary, good results so far but it's like anything, it takes a bit of persistence to get there."

Group Chief Actuary

"I found that I quickly built up a strong rapport with Trang whose style I found to be the perfect balance of challenging and supportive. I loved the way that Trang used her many experiences alongside some useful leadership models to bring things to life in a really engaging way. I was able to quickly identify my core areas of focus and then over the course of the sessions we worked together to progress my leadership journey leaving me feeling like I had made a step change in where I wanted to get to."

Head of Reward


"This was a very interesting topic! I never knew about the power that emotions may have and to really realise how they could significantly impact decision making! One key message I got from the session is, “try to always involve other people in decision making, especially those who are ready to challenge your position."

World Leader, SCFMC

"This session was insightful, valuable and beneficial. Trang was skilful and kept the participants engaged in the discussion. This session, including some examples, are important elements in any leadership training."

World Leader, SCFMC

"Trang is top-class. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with her and the techniques and support she gave. She was brilliant at highlighting some of the blind spots of leadership. The concept of intellectual humility was quite a revelation."

World Leader, Executive Public Leaders Programme

"I learnt a lot in this session and will use the knowledge to impact my leadership behaviour.  Ms. Chu's personality and ease of delivery made it easy to engage and share with others in the session."

Senior Leader, Central Bank

"I enjoyed the exercises and the presentation style by Trang. It was excellent and required quite a bit of intellectual and emotional honesty regarding our hidden selves. I loved the insights I gained from this lecture."

Senior Leader, Central Bank

"This was a very good session on developing leadership skills, understanding how the environment shapes the leader and the employee, and also how important it is for the leader to set the right environment for his/her direct reports to flourish. My other main takeaway is the usefulness of 1) being fearless when not knowing and 2) being fearful when knowing."

Senior Leader, Central Bank

"Excellent session with loads of insights. It was also very practical and provifed relevant tools leveraged in the session. The session was thorough and insightful. The content would do great if shared with the entire team "

Senior Leader, Central Bank

"Trang’s module on emotions and decision-making was very inspiring. She showed great knowledge and gave me inspiration for how I go about using my emotions and making decisions. Her session was relevant to the bank's transformation needs."

EMEA Head of Trading, Central Bank, Asia

"Trang provided good thought into emotions and decision-making, how they influence you, and how you can turn them into something that benefits you. She was a very good speaker."

Executive, Insurance Company

"Trang was an excellent featured speaker for our Executive on Call on Excelling in Your Job. Her insights into successfully navigating competitive, fast-paced environments and what it takes for executive leadership were invaluable to our students and alumni. Trang also showed she has a keen awareness of what it truly means to have success in one’s career and understands what executives need to do in order to achieve that for themselves. It was clear that Trang also has a heart for developing women executives, and she is a wonderful role model for aspiring women leaders. Thank you, Trang."

EMBA Director, Business School

"The students most appreciated your comments and insights. Teams immediately processed your feedback and discussed how to improve their venture."

Academic Director, Business School