We coach leaders to master their emotions and improve their perceptions for superior decision-making capabilities

Affect is the experience of feelings, emotions or moods;
emotions are central to decision-making because 
they provide information about our values and goals

Affective Advisors was founded to change the perspective on emotions. Our unique approach focuses on the role of emotions as the root of change. Drawing on the latest research in affective and decision science, we heighten leaders’ awareness of how their emotions inform their thoughts, behaviours, and interactions with others, including their profound impact on those they lead. This awareness allows leaders to use their emotions as a source of strength and resilience.


Our offerings are underpinned by cutting-edge research in affective and decision science from the UK’s leading seats of learning, including the Saïd Business School, Oxford and the University College of London. Our approach involves applying this knowledge pragmatically to address real-life challenges that leaders encounter daily.

1:1 Coaching

We help executives master their emotions to cultivate a broader repertoire of behaviours for navigating complex decisions and leading diverse teams more effectively.

Lectures & Programmes

We tailor programmes like “Emotions, Heuristics and Decision-Making”, “Emotional Agility”, and “Affective Leadership” for central banks, investment banks, law firms and leading universities.

Team Facilitation

We enable teams to identify and utilise their individual and collective emotions with greater efficacy to tackle large-scale challenges.

"Trang’s lecture on Emotions, Heuristics and Decision-Making was the most challenging for me. It made me re-evaluate how I can reframe my "go-to" responses as more positive and constructive. This one could be a real game changer when I put it into practice in everyday life."

Senior Executive, Insurance Company


At Affective Advisors, we employ a scientifically grounded approach. We coach leaders to cultivate new perspectives and acquire the essential skills necessary to lead their companies through the next phase of growth. Our clients include private equity firms, portfolio companies, financial institutions and law firms.

"Trang is excellent at her work. She is articulate, thorough, relatable, has keen judgment and cares a ton. Trang plainly "gets it" and gets results."

Partner, Global Head, Private Equity Firm

Trang T Chu

Trang founded Affective Advisors to curate and leverage her diverse experience as a banker, trader, coach, and emotion and decision scientist. Her mission is to empower leaders to harness the full potential of their emotions, enabling them to excel and create a lasting impact in their respective roles.

Having worked in global investment banking for over 20 years as Managing Director at Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch, she has gained valuable insight into the impact of emotions on risk decision-making. Her unique approach combines practical experience with theoretical research, emphasising the significant role of emotions in driving transformation.

Trang’s influence extends beyond the corporate world. As an Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, she brings a wealth of academic expertise to her advisory work. Over the past decade, she has been a trusted advisor to CEOs, C-suite executives, private equity experts, and start-up innovators, imparting invaluable insights and guidance to cultivate highly proficient leaders.

Trang T Chu